Ease Anxiety.


Communicate Stronger


Channel Nerves Better.


Solve Mental Blocks.


Improve Focus.


Services Offered

one-on-one sessions, team workshops, parent & coach seminars, corporate trainings


Commonly Addressed Areas

  • Lack of mental strength
  • How to manage emotions
  • Trust training & stop hesitating
  • Time Management
  • Increase likelihood of scholarships
  • Learn how to compartmentalize
  • Work through conflict
  • Negative thinking
  • Perfectionism & fear of messing up
  • Eliminate overthinking
  • Create a stronger stage presence
  • Let go of mistakes quicker
  • Build social skills & self awareness

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone can benefit from a performance coach. Ashley works with youth athletes as young 8 years old to athletes training for their first marathon at 60 something. You could be a weekend warrior attempting a mud run, a ninja warrior competition, a high school athlete trying to earn a scholarship, a college athlete who isn’t the top dog suddenly, or a retiring athlete who no longer defines themselves by the sport and needs to learn how to cope without the sport. In her career, she has worked with youth athletes, junior high, high school athletes, recreational first timer competitors, collegiate All-Americans, Olympians, and National Champions. She has also worked with singers, musicians, stage performers, and public speakers. Everyone can improve their performance through their mental game. 

Coaches – Need help working on team cohesion, communication, anxiety, or  injury prevention? Open up to what research supports in performance coaching and share these advantages with your team. Learn how to motivate anyone and create the next leader or more effective ways to develop group goals & actually reach them!

High School Athletes – Want to compete at the next level? Want to increase your likelihood of a scholarship? Want to appeal to more college recruiters and coaches? Want your character, work ethic, and mindset to stand out to scouts? Learn how to get your mental game in line as much as your physical game and become versed in sports psychology. Grab an opportunity to get ahead & get out of your own way!

Elite Athletes – Ever think about tweaking a few parts of your routine? Are you stuck in a rut? Have you lost your passion for training? Use all of your resources and educate yourself on the mental edge. Don’t let your opponent have a leg up on you.

Performers – Have stage fright, anxiety, or nerves before the show? Need more stage presence? You only get one 1st impression or try out? Any type of performer or presenter can benefit from mental skills training and building their confidence.

Students – Overwhelmed applying for schools, stressed about finals, need help organizing yourself, panicking before tests, or want direction figuring out what you want to major in? Perfectionism and high expectations with current demands on high school students can be tough if you don’t know how to navigate through. Performance psychology skills help here too. 

Parents – Help your children gain strategies on focusing in school, how to support them in the stands,  how to increase their confidence in sports, dealing with peer pressure, adapting to a new role on a team, or even just coping skills for life’s journey. Learn when to correct, what situations are best to discipline in, how to avoid placing extra pressure on them, how best to get them to respond, or how to change behaviors.

Exercisers – Need more motivation to start a program? Maybe how to maintain one or be more consistent? Sport Psychology strategies and tools can help you finally produce results.

Recreational Athletes – Want to run a half marathon or attempt a triathlon? Playing in a golf tournament this weekend with your colleagues? Want to amp up your tennis game? Acquire some techniques and tips to better prepare you. Don’t let emotion over power you and learn what you can and can’t control.

Business Professionals – Giving a big presentation, sales pitch, or going on an interview? Brush up on strategies to ace your competition. Learn how to respond and not react. Performance Psychology can assist you in being more assertive, confident, and dealing with criticism or confrontation. Practice tough interview questions, having more presence, and learn the best responses to really make you stand out.

Executives – Looking for ways to energize your office? Hunting for a new employee or ways to expand your team’s communication skills? Want to get your team motivated for a new project? Want your office to build a better team culture  or incorporate more of a team setting? Be trained in how to spot situations for improvement and ultimately grow your business with effective, productive employees. Learn about less absenteeism and lessening excuses to build better relationships.

Busy Moms – Don’t have time for everything? Want some clarity and direction? Need to relax or manage stress more effectively? Would an outsider’s advice help you focus or know where to be more efficient with your time? Performance Psychology can help you cope with adversity and learn how to live a more satisfying productive life.

Coaches or Instructor Workshops:

  1. Inquire about Ashley speaking to a group of coaches, staff members of an organization, school district in-service, sales team members, group of managers, staff retreat, etc.
  2. One time presentation can range from 1 hour to 3 hours.
  3. An interactive workshop for a group – can range from 3 hours, to a full day, to 2 days. 

Athlete Camps:

  1. Develops and runs mental training camp at various facilities
  2. Previously camp has run 2 days, 3 days, or a night “class” series over a month
  3. Teams interested should email for more information

One-on-One Sessions:

  1. Complete either an athlete intake or client intake form for Ashley to prepare for the session
  2. Ashley does in office sessions or virtual sessions
  3. First session is 1 hour and 30 minutes
  4. Follow up sessions are 50 min to 1 hour
  5. It’s a process, respect that creating a mental game plan will take multiple sessions and that strategies taught build on one another
  6. Ashley encourages people to be consistent in their appointments so that they see progress quickly and can maintain it
  7. Ashley suggests seeing clients 1-2 weeks apart when getting started
  8. Once we build a foundation and clients have learned multiple tools, she wants them to apply techniques on their own and sessions taper off.  Athletes often check in, tune up, or review before try outs, big tournaments, or when situations change throughout the year

Team Workshops:

  1. Inquire about Ashley speaking to a team
  2. Conducts a workshop that involves participation from the group- can range from 1-3 hours, to a full day, to 2-3 days, to once a weekly series, or monthly series.
  3. She can adapt to a particular group, but topics she has presented on previously are:
  • To Parents of Sport Groups- how they support or place pressure on their athlete, and specific strategies on how to help their athlete be successful, improving communication
  • Personality in Performance – learn how we hold onto comments, letting things go, how we compare ourselves to teammates too much, knowing your role
  • Developing emotional intelligence as a team and building team culture
  • Creating team integrity, personal responsibility, how to operate as a team more effectively/avoid cliques, how to interact as a group
  • How to manage emotions – confidence, anxiety, negative self talk, perspective, frustrations
  • Stress Management – balancing responsibilities, utilizing our energy better
  • How to get over mental blocks
  • Setting Goals – for the season or year, how to actually achieve them and measure progress rather than just having an outcome goal
  • Perfectionist Mindset –  the damages of this, learning how to be okay with mistakes and learning from each experience
  • Communication among the team – how your perception, your tone, your body language, your intention, and your attitude is received, and how to interact effectively
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Sports Injury Recovery – addressing the mental and emotional impact of sports injuries and coming back without hesitation and fear
  • How to have a routine and structure

What Can You Gain from Mental Performance Coaching?

Imagine if you stopped experiencing the setbacks or overwhelming feelings that derail your performance. What would you look like? What would you feel like? What would you accomplish? This could be YOU. Participating in mental performance coaching can change your life, whether you’re an athlete, a musician, a speaker, a coach, or an individual looking to be better.

  • Eliminate stage fright
  • Live with minimal stress
  • Come back from a surgery with more aggressiveness & no fear of re-injury
  • Trust your training & no longer question your ability
  • Fear no longer keeps you from trying new things or putting yourself out there
  • Get rid of the sour stomach or excessive butterflies
  • Compartmentalize your thoughts or separate facts from interpretations or opinions
  • Stand up to peer pressure
  • Have more presence about you & your self worth
  • Compete at a higher level than you thought possible
  • Stop draining energy & always feeling tired
  • Be able to handle conflict with others
  • Get noticed by more recruiters or scouts
  • Learn how to make those goals you set become achievable
  • Set yourself apart from most competition not willing to put in the work

Want More Information?

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