Client Transformations

My daughter has seen amazing benefits from Ashley Eckermann’s Sports Psychology coaching. Her mental toughness in gymnastics has improved significantly, and her impressive ability to focus mentally is something she has gained with Ashley’s assistance. Ashley provided my daughter with the ability to overcome mental blocks and to maintain a positive attitude through each event. Taking my daughter to Ashley was one of the best decisions we ever made for her gymnastics career!


Ashley has helped me find my voice and happiness in life again!

R. R. 

Every time I leave Ashley’s office I have a completely different mindset. She has taught me many valuable lessons that apply to both my sport and life. One of my favorites was labeling all my nervous energy as excitement; it gave me so much confidence!

Madison H. 

Ashley has given me effective tools to overcome anxiety, my fear of being judged, and really help eliminate my excessive worry. Ashley loves what she does and it shows! She is welcoming and easy to talk to. It became immediately evident that she deeply cares about her clients and because of her experience in doing this for many years, she manages to deliver results. I always leave every session motivated!

B. T. 

Ashley has an amazingly vibrant personality and today was mind blowing! You need to find a way to clone yourself so I don’t have to wait so long to see you!

Tara J. 

Before I went to Mrs. Ashley’s I was timid, I lacked confidence, and I second guessed myself. My lifelong dream has been to make it to the National Junior High Finals Rodeo (NJHFR). I knew if I wanted to make it there and do well I was going to have to change the way I was thinking. Mrs. Ashley is not just for sports, she is for people from all walks of life. She has helped me see that I was good and helped me be confident in myself. Going into State Finals I was confident, ready, and positive about how things would turn out. Texas is one of the hardest states to compete in and qualify for the NJHFR. I ended up qualifying for the short-go, they bring the top 15 out of 100 back. I was starting to doubt myself before I roped, then I remembered the tools Mrs. Ashley had taught me and was completely confident before I rode in the box. I ended up finishing third in the state. Texas brings their top four to Nationals. I had some bad luck in the first round and broke the barrier. Thanks to Mrs. Ashley I didn’t start doubting myself, instead I told myself that I had to go back and show them what I was made of. In the second round I was a 2.7 which put me fourth in the round out of 168 contestants. The Texas team ended up winning the National Championship. The boys and girls teams each won their National Title. We also won every performance. Without Mrs. Ashley I could never have met my dreams. She helped me be aggressive and confident. She is also energetic and listens amazingly. She was so excited for me about qualifying for the NJHFR and doing good there. I enjoyed learning from her. It was a great experience.

Update: Recenlty accepted into The United States Air Force Academy

Samantha P.

Ashley is great at what she does! Her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious, and you can’t help leaving your session feeling your best. Working with Ashley has helped my daughter be more confident in her sport and as a result, she is now performing at a higher level. Ashley works on building the athlete’s (and parents) toolbox of mental skills based on the athlete’s current needs, from preparing for competition or identifying and overcoming negative thoughts. What she teaches can be applied at difficult moments during practice, at competition, or life in general. One of the best decisions was to begin working with Ashley.


Ashley is in the business of changing lives and she’s dominating it! She gives strategies that aren’t only applicable to sports, but for life. She’s fun and full of positive energy that is contagious! I appreciate her working with my daughter and literally changing her life! 

Britany M.

Ashley’s impact has been profound on the mental health and performance of my sons. They have improved their conscious awareness of their feelings, emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. Ashley provides strategies to manage mental performance that leads to improved outcomes – personally, socially, and sports. They easily open up with Ashley and schedule their own follow up appointments (they don’t want to miss a session) – that should tell you everything. 

D. L.

What a great morning! I loved everything that came out of your mouth, and I think so many of your comments really resounded with her. When we got in the car, my daughter said “I love her. She’s a queen. She’s so passionate! “ That speaks volumes. She was so nervous going in, and now she’s pumped. Thank you! 

L. F.

I wanted to thank you so much for the help and guidance you have given my daughter. I have seen so much improvement and I am so glad we followed up. I was so proud of her getting her tools ready because anxiety was coming on but she knew how to get ahead of it. It’s a joy for us to see her enjoy her sport more and not beat herself up. Awesome job!

S. S. Tennis Parent

I began seeing Ashley in January after I started feeling burnt out when I danced. Within the first appointment I already felt more confident and passionate about dancing again. I went to our sessions once a week or so for about 3 months, and every time I went I was so excited for the next appointment and I left with an optimistic attitude.

Ainsley W.

I have been seeing my sports psychology coach for almost a year now and she has changed my life. She has coached me through countless struggles like being a perfectionist, playing in the moment, and seeing bad situations in a new light. I finally began to appreciate my talent and ability to play volleyball. I am in control of my mind on and off the court.

Ashlyn R.

Ashley is amazing! As my daughter and I were leaving her first appointment, she glanced back to make sure no one was around and then turned to me and said, “I LOVE HER!” 
Ashley’s techniques are driven by science and her personality allows for a connection that fosters trust. We are truly blessed to have her as part of our daughter’s team.


I can’t say enough great things about Ashley. She really helped my daughter when she was going through a really difficult period in gymnastics. She equipped her with “tools” she can use throughout her lifetime. My daughter is shy and really opened up to Ashley because she put her at ease immediately through her positive, animated style. I highly recommend Ashley to anyone with an athlete struggling with coaching, injuries, self worth, etc… she is AWESEOME!!!


When cheer is your child’s life and a mental block happens, utter confusion and despair will not only grip them, but you as a parent. Ashley Eckermann not only provided the tools to help my daughter overcome her mental block but gave her lessons that she can use to conquer any future obstacles in cheer and or life. To many times athletes only train physically, Ashley is the missing link that helps them train mentally which in the end brings the best prepared athlete to the mat.

Marian M.

Our daughter has seen Ashley for about a year. Our daughter had a fall/injury out of a back tuck in gymnastics, so we originally started seeing Ashley to help our daughter build back her confidence in herself, as she prepared for her upcoming gymnastics season. However, the time our daughter has spent with Ashley has grown into something more than just that. The skills she has and is learning are also giving our daughter the skills and confidence she needs to survive the junior high years as well as anything she does in life. I feel like we spend so much time developing our kids academic and athletic skills, but not nearly enough time is spent developing the mental skills they will need for life. Our world has changed and continues to change significantly with social media being a key difference. Thus, the time our daughter has spent with Ashley we see as a true investment in her success in life no matter what she does. Thanks Ashley!!

Gymnast Parent

My daughter has worked with Ashley for around eight months now and the mental transformation that has taken place is tremendous. She started out extremely negative without an ounce of belief in herself to saying just the other day that she was “proud of herself” in how she had performed. Ashley is unbelievably caring and intuitive. She truly understands competitive sports and the mental challenges that come with competing. She has a remarkable ability to relate to the issues at hand and offer solutions that are applicable and practical. Not only does she have invaluable insight into sports and training techniques, but has also offered advice and mental training for everyday life application. I cannot say enough for all the she has taught my daughter and the relationship that they have formed. Ashley has a remarkable heart and talent for what she does.

Swimmer Parent

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