5 Tips to a Better Presentation: Gain the Extra Edge

5 Tips to a Better Presentation: Gain the Extra Edge

Olympians, college teams, Dancing with the Stars, and youth sports are working with sport psychologists. The idea behind sport psychology is learning mental performance strategies to perform better. So while some athletes want to reduce anxiety before a big game,...
Mental Skills Need Work? Lose the Stigma, Gain the Advantage

Mental Skills Need Work? Lose the Stigma, Gain the Advantage

Receiving help from a counselor or coach doesn’t have to be looked at negatively. Why are we so afraid to ask for help? We seek out nutritionists when we want to lose weight or fuel for competition. We hunt for strength coaches to build muscle and power to get an...
Developing Young Talent

Developing Young Talent

The idea behind applied sport psychology is to provide athletes with tools, strategies, and techniques to better their performance. It’s common for athletes to spend most of their time on physical practice & be developed physically. When athletes make a decision...
What Makes Us Motivated?

What Makes Us Motivated?

We all have made ”to do” lists, set goals, have dreams, or have motives for the things we want to see happen. How come some accomplish more? What makes them tick? There are theories out there for why some make a plan to lose 20 lbs and do it and why others set a goal...

How You Think Others View You & How It’s Hurting Your Potential

Self-presentation concerns may be why you’re not exercising. Is the gym intimidating? Do the clothes make you uneasy? Are you so out of shape or haven’t worked out in awhile that you don’t fit the norm? Are you worried about what other people are saying about you or...

Replace Your Race

Easier said than done at times, but with everything worth gaining, you have to practice at it. Your mental game is just as important to practice as your physical. Panic, worry, and fear can creep up on you in a crucial race or game time situation if you’re not...

Self Help In Seven Minutes

The Self Help book aisle can be motivating or depressing; it’s how you look at it right? Well if you’re reading this, you want some help. You need some advice, some guidance, something quick & easy for you to implement it. You probably want something short, not...

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