Mental performance coaching is teaching tools so one can be more mentally prepared and respond better to adversity. Yes, you can learn how to be mentally tough. 

Helping athletes and performers get the strategies they need to handle pressure and improve their performances. I teach these strategies in one-on-one sessions through video conferencing or in person, team workshops, corporate seminars, and speaking events. 

Could you be more consistent? Confident? Assertive? Focused? Relaxed? Compete at the next level?

Every concept can be applied at any level of competition. Everyone has the ability to squash limiting beliefs. 

Developing strong mental skills is often the difference between an average athlete and an elite athlete. Athletes spend so much time training physically and learning technique, but are rarely taught how to respond to difficult situations and train their mind to cope better or manage emotions. When you unlock the power of your mind to benefit you, you perform to your full potential.

Every skill I teach can be learned. Confidence is learned, focus is learned, discipline is learned, how to perform under pressure is learned – which all make up mental toughness. You don’t have to be born with it. You can become the competitor you envy.

Mental game is something you constantly have to work on and develop. A lot of athletes and performers I work with become easily frustrated, second guess themselves, overthink things, worry about judgement, have a had a tough fall or injury, or have a hard time just calming their nerves. They’re all talented, but they need to learn tools and strategies to enjoy their sport and get over mistakes quicker so they don’t get burned out.

Have you worked so hard to perfect your talent and yet you still struggle to play your best? You face lack of confidence, anxiety, or maybe fear of messing up? You know how to manage your physical side but how do you condition the mental side? Are you thinking how do you train your brain to deal with all this stuff? Does this stuff really work?

Mental Performance Coaching is teaching sport and performance psychology concepts and research to individuals. It’s mental skills training to develop an effective mindset for success. This may apply to youth athletes, high school athletes, collegiate athletes, professionals, weekend warriors, business executives, sales people, attorneys, musicians, actors, speakers, or any other type of performer.

It’s more than positive talk; it’s learning how the brain holds onto memories, re-wiring the brain’s thought patterns, and learning how to allow your imagination to work for you. The brain constantly rewires itself and we believe what we repeatedly hear, so it is possible to change how you think!

It’s a competitive world out there and I help individuals discover a better version of themselves through mental skill development and sport psychology techniques that can benefit athletes, performers and corporate professionals.


  • Youth athletes
  • High school athletes
  • Collegiate athletes
  • Olympians and Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Musicians
  • Performers
  • Students
  • Speakers
  • Corporate Companies


      I SOLVE

  • Handling pressure
  • Public speaking fears
  • Managing anger or frustration
  • Not performing consistently
  • Improving focus
  • Solving mental blocks
  • Balancing stress
  • Channeling nerves
  • Lack of motivation
  • Second guessing ability
  • Coming back from injury or surgery
  • Overthinking or over-analyzing
  • Struggling with assertiveness
  • Overpowering fear
  • Easing anxiety
  • Communicating stronger
  • Negative thinking or self talk
  • Lack of emotional intelligence
  • Not trusting training
  • Time management
  • Perfectionism or fear of disappointment
  • How to compartmentalize
  • Lack of confidence
  • Shifting your mindset
  • Comparing all the time
  • Speaking up

No one can make you mad without your consent. I may or may not have to remind myself this daily 😬
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On a new team? New coach? New training group?

What should you leave behind?
complaining? worry? overthinking? assuming? excuses? 🤔
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Did you know smells stimulate nerves in the brain? Peppermint oil can alleviate stress levels, lower HR, & improve efficiency in workouts
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