We teach athletes how to thrive in high pressure situations.

We coach athletes how to be mentally prepared by using scientifically proven tools! Ultimately, you can learn how to be mentally tough and respond better to adversity. 

We teach these strategies in 1:1 sessions and workshops.

This is not therapy and it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you when you seek mental skills training. 

Could you be more consistent? Confident? Assertive? Focused? Relaxed? 

Transform how you manage your emotions!

Every concept can be applied at any level of competition. Everyone has the ability to squash limiting beliefs… once you learn how!

Developing strong mental skills is often the difference between an average athlete and an elite athlete. Athletes spend so much time training physically and learning technique, but are rarely taught how to respond to difficult situations and train their mind to stop overthinking.

You don’t have to be born with it. You can become the competitor you envy.

Mental game is something you develop. A lot of athletes become easily frustrated, second guess themselves, worry about judgement, have a had a tough fall or injury, fear messing up, or have a hard time just calming their nerves. They’re all talented, but they need to learn strategies to enjoy their sport and get over mistakes quicker so they don’t get burned out.

Have you worked so hard to perfect your talent and yet you still struggle to consistently compete at your best? YOU NEED THIS!

Mental Performance Coaching is teaching sport and performance psychology concepts to individuals. This may apply to youth athletes, high school athletes, collegiate athletes, professionals, weekend warriors, musicians, actors, speakers, or any other type of performer.

It’s more than positive self talk; it’s understanding how the brain holds onto memories, re-wiring the brain’s thought patterns, and learning how to get your imagination to work for you. It is possible to change how you think!


  • Youth Athletes
  • High School Athletes
  • Collegiate Athletes
  • Olympians
  • Professionals
  • Performers


  • Letting go of mistakes
  • Overthinking
  • Managing frustration
  • Lack of consistency
  • Trouble focusing
  • Mental blocks
  • Balancing stress
  • Excessive nervousness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Second guessing ability
  • Coming back from injury
  • Handling pressure
  • Fear of messing up
  • Performance anxiety
  • Very little assertiveness 
  • Negative thinking
  • Hesitation
  • Can’t trust training
  • Avoiding risks
  • Crippling perfectionism
  • Compartmentalizing
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of disappointment
  • Comparing all the time

Parenting tip:
After a practice or competition, 🚫 avoid asking: “how did you do?”
Chances are your child will talk about what they did wrong.
Ask instead:
What went well today?
What did you learn?
Tell me about the best part first?

#Anxiety & #Overthinking are things you feel in your body as well as something that controls your thoughts. Anxiety symptoms are active coping skills & a biochemical over response to stress hormones. Accepting that’s what is happening, helps because you know you’re really okay.

Let’s rewire your brain with Negativity Neutralizer! You can knock out this program in only 2 hrs & 18 minutes, but yet learn 20 strategies to perform better! #MentalStrengthTraining #AthleteMotivation #RecoverQuicker

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